About us

Our team has made CRM systems the centre of our professional life for the past 12 years.

In recent years, we found that many clients are now demanding more than packaged solutions.   For the past 2 years we have been working to develop a system that can provide all the basic CRM requirements but has the capacity to be extended to meet wider client needs.  We selected the highly acclaimed Filemaker after a great deal of research because of it flexibility and because it can be used in both Windows and MAC based systems.

To achieve an effective CRM system requires a number of critical steps. It starts with a complete review of the business processes to identify which elements of the CRM can be used to improve the business. This is an area of special importance to us and drives our approach. We therefore concentrate on:

  • Customising the database to suite the business.
  • Setting up the required database security to protect the most vital information.   This is not only good business but is in fact a legal requirement when accumulating client and prospect information.
  • Training the users so that they can create the benefits to the company
  • Providing support should something go wrong.
  • Our mantra is to treat our clients the way we would like to be treated.

We focus intensely on matching the design of the database with the business model and the pain points in the business process. Our design consultant has an MBA and many years of business experience so understands business needs from a database.   The emphasis is always on collecting the best information and using systems and processes to enhance productivity and results.

We specialise within the service provided: Some team members specialise in database design and training and others on support and training.