CRMWerks is the results of years of experience in the CRM space by our development team as well as years of experience in developing advanced solutions using the power of Filemaker.

Our design philosophy:

  1. CRMWerks has to provide a practical and easy to use system.
  2. Finding one’s way around the system has to be simple and easy as well as largely intuitive.
  3. Flexible to accommodate basic modifications with the minimum cost.
  4. Flexible to accommodate any advanced requirements by clients who want more features.
  5. Integrated email and word processing so there is no need to use additional workflow software.
  6. Provide a complete communication system for making calls, faxing, SMS messaging, email and word processing.
  7. Track all relevant contact records between the client and other parties.
  8. Provide a tool to manage attachments to contacts and documents.
  9. Have a system that can store confidential information securely.   For example, user names and passwords for websites and other suppliers.
  10. Links to Google Maps for client and prospect location.