1. Q: I have been using ACT for many years. Can I bring all my data across to CRMWerks?
    Absolutely. We can export all your ACT information into a number of files and import them into CRMWerks.
  2. Q: What about exporting my data from another CRM database?
    In most cases all your data can be exported from well designed CRM systems.
  3. Q: What are licensing requirements of CRMWerks?
    CRMWerks is based on Filemaker. Therefore users may need licensing for both Filemaker and CRMWerks. These can be permanent or annual. Licensing requirements are best established for prospective clients as there are a number of alternatives available. However, licensing is flexible and highly competitive.  
  4. Q: I want to track information that is unique to my business?  Can this be accommodated in CRMWerks?
    This is probably the most important reason to switch to this system.  We can usually accommodate any unique client requirements without additional plugins.
  5. Q: Do I need Microsoft Office to use CRMWerks?
    We have developed the system to be independent of any third party programs.   This is to minimise the investment and potential software complications and conflicts with new software releases and updates.
  6. Q: Can I do e-marketing from the system?
    Yes.  Our in built email system has the facility to do email based marketing campaigns using custom templates with graphics.  
  7. Q: What is the security like?   I do not want employees to be able to take my information to a competitor should they decide to leave!
    We provide multiple layers of security based on easy to use permissions, privileges and user limitations.
  8. Q: Can the system be used in the ‘cloud’?
    Yes, Filemaker databases can be published as a cloud based solution.  This means the data can be accessed with a browser.  
  9. Q: How do I know that my information is safe with you?
    We maintain very strict security systems with regard to any client information.