Win with CRMWerks

Your complete Customer and Prospect database

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CRMWerks is simply the most productive customer database and prospect management system – no ifs or buts about that.

  • CRMWerks is very very fast.
    The key to working with a CRM is to get to records quickly and easily; and then be able to update the information with notes, history, calendar events, quotes and anything else of importance.
  • Mobile
    FilemakerGo is a free App for the i-Phone and the i-Pad.   This allows live access to the database while connected to the internet.
    FilemakerGo and laptops can also hold a local copy of the database to use when not connected to the internet.   This can then be synchronised when connection is established.
  • CRMWerks runs on MACS and Windows machines – even in a mixed system.
    For example, the database can be located on a Windows Server and accessed with Mac and Windows Based computers at the same time.
  • Everything is done internally and comes standard
    No need to use other programs like Outlook or Word.
  • Complete reporting capability
    Meaningful and customised reports can be created .   This will depend on the business information and planning requirements
  • Prospects and sales tracking
    Reports can be customised to suite your needs
  • Flexible
    Every business has unique needs – these can  usually be met with the power of this program.
  • All in one environment
    Quoting, invoicing, email, SMS, faxing, word processing – all built in.
  • Reliable
    Based on Filemaker, a most powerful database system used by many millions of companies all over the world.
  • Safe
    Backups processes can be set up to run hourly, daily, weekly and monthly, to local or offsite facilities – all run by the system.   And it can report back as soon as a backup has been made.
  • Scalable
    Our solution can grow with your business.
  • Flexible
    Can integrate with just about any other database or accounting system.